What Belief makes man gain?

Man ascends to the highest of the high points with the light of belief and gains a value deserving paradise. He descends to the lowest of the low points with the darkness of unbelief and reaches a state deserving hell. Belief is an attachment. It is a luminous connection that connects man to God. To make a connection with God is only possible through belief. The real value of man depends on his connection with and closeness to God. A person’s dignity and prestige increases in accordance with his closeness to the sultan; similarly man’s value increases in accordance with his closeness to God.

In this universe, if man is connected to God, takes shelter in Him, then he can become God’s caliph on the earth, His official, His guest or even His friend thanks to belief. This connection of friendship with God can only be realized by the light of belief. Belief is such a light that man sees the reality of everything thanks to this light. He perceives the hidden reasons and meanings of beings and understands that they are not created in vain.

The nicest and prettiest feeling of man is affection. If belief wouldn’t exist, this affection would put man into distressed troubles due to endless parts. For instance, a mother whose only and very beautiful baby dies feels this spiritual torture fully if she is unaware of the hereafter.

One of the important feelings of man is love. Love that is illuminated by belief makes all of the beings friends of man. Then a connection of love is established between man and his environment. The feeling of being eternally together with the people he loves makes him happy. For instance, when a mother’s baby is about to die and when a doctor gives the baby some medicine and the pretty baby comes round, the mother will feel very happy and comfortable.

Similarly, millions of people that we love and that are interested in like this baby are separated from us by death. If we see the matter in the light of belief, we will know that they do not disappear eternally. So the troubles and sorrows are transformed into endless happiness and comfort.

If man is deprived of belief, the anxiety of being eternally parted from the people he loves gives him hell-like torture. For instance, the most valuable thing of man is his mind. If the mind falls into polytheism and unbelief, it sends the sufferings and troubles coming from the past and caused by the eternal disappearance of the beloved people to the heart. In addition, the anxiety about his disappearance in the future transforms the mind into a torturing device. Therefore the sinful man generally indulges in alcohol or entertainment to escape from the troubles the mind gives him.

If mind is illuminated by the light of belief, the thought of being together with his late relatives and friends in paradise fills his world. It makes him love life and creatures. His love towards his Lord, who will make it possible to rejoin the people he loves and who will give him and them the endless bliss, will increase. Mind becomes a real mind with the light of belief and gets its real worth.

If the eye of man is illuminated with the light of belief, then he sees the whole universe in the form of paradise adorned with roses and basils. He sees the works of arts, grace and help of God in every being he looks at. He looks around with contemplation and to draw lessons. He understands the evidences showing the existence and oneness of God in everything and draws lessons from them to strengthen his belief. The universe becomes like a big book in his sight. He reads the hidden meanings in this book of universe.

When the eardrum becomes illuminated with the light of belief, it hears the spiritual voices coming from the universe. It understands the glorification of God carried out in the language of state.  It hears the songs of the winds, the cries of the clouds and the beautiful sounds of the sea waves thanks to the light of belief. It hears the divine words and exalted glorification of God from each being like the splashes of rain, the chirruping of birds and the chatting of insects. The universe becomes like a gathering of divine music. The soul and the heart of a man like this are filled with tastes and pleasures.

However, when that ear is blocked with unbelief, it is deprived of those high delicious, spiritual sounds. The sounds that give pleasure are transformed into the sounds of mourning. The lofty and beautiful meanings in the heart are replaced by sorrows. The sounds that come from the state of being eternally lonely caused by being unable to find close friends fill his world. He hears only the sounds of the troubles and agonies caused by the state of feeling ownerless and unprotected. This state makes him live a hell life.

So, belief makes man gain such a great happiness and blessing, such a great taste and comfort and such an honorable rank that it cannot be defined. The believer’s point of view of the universe is positive. He sees everything as good, has good thoughts and receives pleasure from life. He sees all of the beings in the universe as his friends and brothers. He has no unfamiliarity with anything. Everything is tightly connected to one another with bonds of unity as many as the names of God. The world is like a cradle of brotherhood for him.

The light of belief illuminates the world of man and enlightens the universe. It saves the past and the future from darkness. It honors man and brings out the perfection in the essence of the universe. It adds values to its value. All of the beings in the universe obtain a meaning thanks to belief. The happenings cease to be coincidental. It is seen that everything takes place within the plan and program of God.

The believer sees the trace, essence and face of God’s grace in the inside of all negativeness thanks to the positive and good point of view he gained through the light of belief. For instance he looks at the misfortunes like diseases on the positive side. He thinks that it will compensate for his sins, train his soul, make him gain good deeds and increase his level, and consoles himself.

The unbeliever looks at the universe and happenings on the negative side and dubiously. Unbelief is like black glasses that show everything ugly and dark. Unbelief sees beings as a result of coincidence and arbitrariness. From the point of view of the unbeliever everything is aimless. All of the beings are strangers to and enemies of one another. He thinks all of the beings advance rapidly to the world of non-existence. The fear and anxiety that he himself will also fall into eternal darkness makes the world a dungeon for him. His world is filled with darkness and troubles. His soul is surrounded by the darkness of grudge, hatred and disobedience instead of the lights of love and affection. Such a man lives the life of hell in this world before going to hell.

A look at the six aspects of man by the glasses of belief

Man is related to all creatures. He has a kind of trade with everything. He has to meet, speak to and live near the things that surround him materially and spiritually by its very nature. In this case, man has six aspects: right, left, front, back, top and bottom. By wearing the glasses of belief and unbelief, man can see the creatures and their states in these six aspects.

Right aspect: This aspect means the past. When the past is viewed through the glasses of unbelief, it will be seen as a large graveyard. This view will give man a great terror and hopelessness.

However, when this aspect is viewed through the glasses of belief, he sees that the people in the past were transferred into a better and more luminous world. He regards the graves and ditches as underground tunnels dug in order to reach a luminous world. So, belief gives man great happiness, comfort and peace and makes him say “Thank you God”.

Left aspect: When the left aspect, that is, the future is viewed through the glasses of unbelief, it will be seen as a terrible, dark, large grave that will make us decay and that will destroy us by making the snakes and scorpions eat us.

However, when it is viewed through the glasses of belief, it will be seen as a dining table full of different kinds of delicious, nice food and drinks prepared by God, who has mercy on, and creates man out of nothing. And it will make him say “Thank you God” thousands of times.

Top aspect: A man who looks at the skies through the glasses of unbelief sees that billions of stars and spheres move very fast and do different actions like the running horses or the military maneuvers in the endless space; since he does not know that a being controls them, he feels terrified and horrified.

However, when a believer looks at the skies, he understands that this strange maneuver is carried out under the command and control of a commander. He sees that the stars that adorn the world of skies are candles that illuminate humans. Since he knows that their reigns are in the hands of somebody, he watches the actions that are like the running of the horses fondly instead of fear or terror. It is definitely not enough to say “Thank you God” thousands of times for the blessing of belief that describes the action of the sky.

Bottom aspect: It is the earth. A person who views the earth through the eye of unbelief sees the world as an idle, unbridled wandering animal around the sun or a boat with broken planks and without a captain and feels terrified and excited.

However if he looks through belief, he sees it in the form of a ship under the command of God, with all of the food, drinks, clothes and people, that travels around the sun. And he starts to say “Thank you God” many times for the great blessing originating from belief.

Front aspect: When an unbeliever looks at this aspect, he sees that all of the living creatures, whether they are humans or animals, go to that aspect speedily in groups and disappear. That is they cease to exist. Since he knows that he will go there too, he nearly goes mad because of sorrow.

However, for a believer who looks through the eye of belief, the movement and travel of people that way is not towards the world of non-existence but a transfer like movement of nomads from one plateau to another. It is a migration from the temporary zone to the permanent zone, from the farm of service to the office of payment, from the land of troubles to the land of grace. Since he knows that this transfer is not to the world of non-existence, he faces it with gladness.

However, the hardships that seem like death and grave on the way are happy events as a result. The way to luminous worlds passes through the grave and the greatest happy events are the results of the worst disasters.  For instance, Hazrat Yusuf reached the sultanate of Egypt only after he was thrown into a well by his brothers and after he was put to prison as a result of the slander of Zaliha.

Similarly a child that comes to the world through the womb of his mother attains worldly bliss as a result of the troubles and pains he experiences in the tunnel.

Back Aspect: If those coming from behind are viewed through the eye of unbelief, the questions “Where are they going and from where? Why did they come to the world?” cannot be answered and the unbeliever remains in the torture of hesitation.  

However, if a person looks through the eye of belief, he understands that these people are onlookers sent by God to see the miracles of the strange power exhibited in the exhibition of the universe. He realizes that these people will achieve levels by understanding the meanings which God wants to be known in the universe in accordance with the rate they understand and return to God.  He will say “Thank you God” for the blessing of belief that makes him gain this blessing of understanding.

These six aspects of man are illuminated thanks to belief; all of the times and places are transformed into a large and comfortable world.  The whole world virtually becomes like his house that he knows, is familiar with and he feels secure in. Thus he becomes like a sultan of the universe thanks to belief. Verwandte lernkarten verwandte klausuren lexikon expose bachelorarbeit psychologie share teilen verwandte artikel weichtiere als fossilien während es den modernen menschen als art erst seit circa 0,04 millionen jahren gibt, lebten weichtiere nachweislich

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