Belief is an Indivisible Whole

A verse:

“The Messenger believeth in what hath been revealed to him from his Lord, as do the men of faith. Each one (of them) believeth in Allah, His angels, His books, and His Messengers “We make no distinction (they say) between one and another of His Messengers.” (al-Baqara, 285).

Belief in God and the hereafter makes it necessary to eliminate the darkness of unbelief like a sun. Why doesn’t acceptance of only some of these fundamentals of belief free a person from absolute unbelief?

The six fundamentals of belief are belief in God, the Prophets, the Angels, the Revealed Books, the resurrection after death and destiny. They are an indivisible whole. Therefore a person who does not accept any one of them does not become a Muslim.

Each of the truths of belief proves the other fundamentals of belief with the evidences that prove itself. That is, the six fundamentals of belief become both evidences and results for one another. For instance, belief in God proves both belief in the hereafter and the other fundamentals of belief with its own evidences.

There is no sultanate that has no reward for obedient people and no punishment for disobedient people. So, God, who is the owner of this universe, will have an eternal reward place for those who obey Him and a permanent punishment place for those who disobey Him. Since such punishment is not given fully in this world, it will be given in the hereafter. Therefore belief in the existence of God necessitates belief in the hereafter.

The meaning of the each being in this universe, which is written like a book, needs to be explained. This can only be done by prophets sent by the owner of the universe. The most important issue of the humanity is to find answers to the questions like what the duty of man is, where he came from, why he was sent to this world, who sent him, where he will go from here. The people to give the true answers to these questions are prophets. So belief in God necessitates belief in prophets.

The Creator of this universe, who makes all of His creatures speak to one another through thousands of languages and who hears and knows their speech will definitely speak to man. Since He will speak to man, He will also speak to prophets, who are the spiritual leaders of human beings that are the result of the universe and caliphs on the earth and the commanders of many creatures. He will send them His books and pages. Therefore belief in God necessitates belief in His Books.

God records everything that a tree and a grass experiences throughout their lives in their seeds. Similarly He perfectly has everything that a being with a consciousness experiences during his life recorded in his memory as tiny as a mustard seed. So He has everything man does recorded. He has man’s deeds recorded for punishment and reward and has his bad and good deeds recorded in the tablets of destiny. So, belief in God necessitates belief in destiny.

The limited sight of man does not suffice to recognize the Creator, who filled this universe with endless works of wonderful art. This necessitates the existence of angels who carry out the duty of glorification of God properly. So, belief in God necessitates belief in angels.

As the sun shows the day and the day shows the sun, the fundamentals of belief prove one another. Each one proves and necessitates the existence of the others. The truths of belief are an indivisible whole. An analogy is also a similarity, or it can refer write english essay online to a correspondence or to another form of comparison

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