Why did God Create the World?

When we deal with the universe in detail, we can see that the world is a spiritual, biological, psychological and social laboratory or that it resembles a living stage. This laboratory is a laboratory where human beings, who takes part in the struggle between good and bad, play an active role. Besides, unlike other living beings, man has the property of standing up to the power that established the laboratory. The being that gave man the endless capacity of evil like being greedy, selfish, merciless is the owner of the laboratory. However, a person who seeks and finds the owner of the laboratory without being lazy and acts in accordance with the rules there will obtain a special place in the presence of the owner of the laboratory as a purified and selected person. That is the being that created the laboratory established the order with the decision and will of accepting the people that deserve as His addressees. The only thing that the owner of the laboratory wants from men is to use their partial free will to approach Him.  He promises to admit the experimental subjects to His presence one by one after the period of setting apart the rebellious and noncompliant ones. In the book that He describes the rules that are valid there and the life there, He states that He will keep the people whom He granted so many bounties but who do not recognize Him away from Him forever. He also states that He will pardon those who repent in the messages that He sends them:  “Believe in Me; know that you will return to me; accept that when your period in the laboratory ends, your life will continue after the test; do good things; I will not distress you.” When the good deeds and bad deeds are weighed, He will admit those whose good deeds are at least 51% to His presence without any difficulty; He guarantees that those whose good deeds are lower will be regarded as jewels that fell into mud and got moldy and that after cleaning them with fire and water, He will admit them to His presence one by one if there is no rebellion.

The Creator left people free in their struggle of the good and the bad; He intervened in history and people through special reasons – miracles and karamahs. The help He sent to those who wanted to attain Him through their hearts reached through this channel. The Creator, who gives great importance to intentions, directs the whole laboratory through RF (radio frequency) waves. The players in the software may think that they act based on their own wills, but the owner of the laboratory manages everything with wireless and programs like the Internet. The Creator makes the actors do good things when they want to do nice things and leaves those who deal with bad things free to do them or not; He allows man to complete the test by experiencing the results.

If Things Get out of Hand on the Stage

The Creator who controls everything on the stage that is written and directed through advanced technology, who has power over everything and who has infinite knowledge has the authority to stop the play any time He wishes. Since He has the software, the only authority that predestinates the fate of the actors and that makes the decisions for their acts is the Creator Himself. He helps the well-intentioned players when they tend to make mistakes and tests them; He limits the power of the ill-intentioned people to producing bad knowledge only; He does not give them the power of sanction. On the other hand, if those who do good things appropriate what they do to themselves, it will be great disrespect toward Him. The Creator tells people through His messengers that He is disturbed by those attitudes and He intervenes when things get out of hand on the stage and changes the course of the events by transferring knowledge. The great power becomes happy as the play is displayed nicely; He also gives importance to the spirits of the communities. When he evaluates the deeds as good and bad in the community, he rewards the good deeds abundantly.

The owner of this system, which we call the laboratory or the stage, controls the universe remotely through His infinite knowledge and electromagnetic power, which He uses as a means for His power of control. He established the laboratory with quantum mechanics. He can turn copper into gold through nanotechnology. In the universe that He designed on the dimensions of knowledge, energy, time and matter, He loaded the formations on knowledge and thought not on matter. The Creator administers everything with a superhuman impartiality in the system that He established.

Miraj, Karamah and the Universe

According to quantum mechanics, the reality that we see when we look at something is only a wave oscillation when we move away from it. The thing that is seen by the eye as a part of experience is physical information composed of undulation and vibration, frequency-wave length and amplitudes when we move our eyes away from it.

The laboratory (universe) is a system that has been divided into reality bands; it remains so until we choose some things. The preference of the owner of consciousness shows itself as matter. That is, matter is nothing but the possible movements of the consciousness. That is, knowledge is dependent on the thing known. According to quantum mechanics, atoms are not matter or hard balls; they are flowing energy consisting of particles like electrons, photons and psychons. Electricity is an electron current; light is a photon current and spirit is a psychon current that moves faster. The essence of everything is number.  Consciousness means to turn on and off the power switch in our brain. On the other hand, consciousness is the possibility of the situation. Everything that is existent or non-existent exists or does not exist at the same time. Time can be brought back. A person can turn and look at the part of the universe software that existed before him with the permission of the owner of the laboratory. The same power can show man the future (miraj) or the wavelength at a distance (karamah) if He wishes. An observer is necessary so that all of these possibilities will be transformed to experience. Conscious beings who make observations and make deductions from observations are intellectual beings. Conscious beings are radiational beings (jinn, angels, devils and animals). The only intellectual being is man because man is an observer that has the ability to interpret.

When the Time Is Up, Everything will be Graded

The thing in man that puts on his body like a garment, in other words, the spirit of the machine, is spirit. Spirit is not searched in the brain because spirit is an information file that is beyond brain and it is a special software. When we have a look at the possibilities through the channel of consciousness, the states become intertwined and real. We only have the freedom to say refused-accepted or yes-no as human beings. It will be an optimistic approach to say that we have some power beyond it. However, according to the laws of cybernetics, to say yes-no when we encounter events will enable us to do great things. In this phase, the person who breaks the balance will be punished. If he enriches the system, the Creator will reward him with success. The secret of acting easily in the established system lies in obeying some ethical rules imposed by the Creator. Man who sacrifices some of his pleasures will have acquisitions in the middle and long run.  It is the promise of the Creator to His slaves through the channel of his divine texts that when the time for the laboratory expires or when the game is over, there will be a grading system in which everything is graded. During the time we spend on the stage, to give priority to the contentment of the owner of the laboratory even in ordinary works will include these works in the column of acquisitions in our examination book. When a conscious being sometimes feels bad or is hit by a disaster, if he turns to the owner of the laboratory with strong feelings and asks help from Him, it will make it easy for the Creator to meet this demand of help and it will make life easier for him. Meanwhile, He answers those who want to act in accordance with the system and the examination. The most important wish of the Creator, who gives special help to those who try to learn the establishment and operation of the system, from them is the message, “While you are interested in how I created, try to find why I created, too.”

The Attractive Power in the Universe

According to the knowledge of nuclear physics, the formation of one carbon atom in three helium atoms depends on the existence of a great external energy. Scientific data determine the first explosion (Big Bang) and the external power that creates this energy (God) and that the concept of time appeared like that. This great external power wants those who make scientific efforts to explore the universe not to forget Him. Those who research the fine-tuned nature coefficients in nuclear physics show the limitless power, knowledge and will of the owner of the laboratory by noticing or without noticing it.

Although we do not see the cosmological coefficients of the empty space like energy density, it is possible to understand these facts from the outcomes in the universe. Even only one atom of the air has the magic to transfer thousands of radio frequencies with oscillation and vibration like sound, vision and smell.

The Creator calls the attractive power that increases with distance in the laboratory “love”. In the universe, while small loves attract small things, the attraction field of a great love will include greater things.  The statement of Mawlana, “A powerful attraction is necessary in order to reach a long distance. And this is the power that makes the universe rotate” is a different expression of this fact.

The big bang that the science of astrophysics calls “chaotic inflation” caused the beginning of the intellectual life. There is a great attractive energy in big bang. The intellectual lives that will ask questions in the universe in the laboratory have been prepared beforehand in the form of information files (spirits). They enter the laboratory in turns, complete their tests, go out of the laboratory and wait (death). If the big bang reverses, the energy retreats, and everything returns to the real life (the hereafter) in the infinite universe, the test will end.

The Test in the Universe

The test in the universe is a system in which goodness and evil, knowledge and ignorance, beauty and ugliness, brightness and darkness, illness and health move in a cybernetic balance. The system develops itself by the evil trying to harm the goodness and the goodness defending itself against the evil without forgetting the purpose of the test. The evil (devil) inspires the good (man) some distracting and corrupting knowledge. Man has a biological potential (soul). If man proceeds without forgetting his biological capacity and purpose of creation, he will see that he has reached the target when the journey ends. If he loses his route by being affected from the distractors, a trouble or misfortune can take place. When he cannot produce solutions against the distractors, he can ask help from the owner of the laboratory. In fact, this great power helps him with the language of the special events. If the person understands the language of the events and analyzes it, he will be less likely to lose his way. In this way, the person checks the declarations (holy texts) issued by the Creator of the universe and uses them as a compass. By doing so, he can accept the lifestyle of the representatives (prophets) that bring the holy texts as a model and can protect himself from the distractors.

Man usually calls the unexpected developments that take place in the laboratory of the universe as “disasters”. In fact, they are part of the test. The universe is the laboratory of “being cooked, being burnt and being mature” for man. A person who feels that he is permanent in the laboratory and does not think of what will happen after the laboratory (after death) is like a traveler who forgets that he is a visitor. “Being cooked, being burnt and being mature” means pain, anguish and trouble. Beyond the problems related to existence, a person who tries to carry his responsibilities will fulfill the necessities of the period of maturation and will not rebel. However, these troubles, which can be regarded as test questions, will cause a person who does not believe in the designer to feel very weak and helpless. At this stage, the person may feel the need to seek the power that gives the test and asks the questions. A person who avoids asking questions and seeking answers can be taken out of the laboratory and be placed in the part for losers.

At this point, the key question is whether the evil that exists in the world denotes that the universe was designed or that it came into being coincidentally. If we regard the universe as a living laboratory and as an illusion of the real universe, we can think that the evil paves the way for the good deeds to develop. If the existence of diseases brings about the science of medicine and the existence of ugliness brings about the development of beauty, it is not very meaningful to think that the general course of the universe depends upon a coincidental operation. That evil exists in the form of hopelessness and goodness in the form of hope, that existence moves toward brightness and non-existence moves towards darkness are common knowledge of heavenly doctrines.

In this sense, if man of the new age places a subject that will establish a connection with the Creator in front of every scientific rule, it will not be exaggeration to say that every deed that he does will bear sanctity (worship).

What does Religion Owe Its Prestige to?

It is possible to answer the question above only by understanding the meaning expressed by religion.  Religions are the sum of the written and oral texts presented to the people that take the test in the laboratory of the universe. The content of these divine messages varies based on regions and races. Religion generally consists of instructive information. People seem to be free to choose these ways. When to obey these principles become a habit, that is, culture, it will not be possible to abandon the rules.

One of the most important factors that affect the prestige of religion is the ethical dimension. The permanence of the effect in the ethical field and its uninterrupted continuation is related to the state of having no alternative. It is an extraordinary state when a person who has a level of average knowledge and understanding questions the reality of religion. A person who has a level of average knowledge accepts religion easily in terms of culture. However, these people are defenseless when scientists ask them clever questions. When man of new age who lives in the age of intellect and science thinks that what he believes is not true, his feeling of responsibility originating from religion will disappear.

Inner responsibility will develop in a person who believes in a power that creates him out of nothing, knows everything and controls everything, and who believes in a transcendent being. Conscience or the mental judge in man will ensure the inner discipline in him. A person who does not believe in an external power that created him and who believes that he came into being by the coincidental combination of inorganic substances does not need that discipline. He will think, “I can do anything if I am not caught by the law.” He aims only his own pleasure and interest. He says, “My interest is more important than the interest of the community.” Such an irresponsible understanding of freedom and not thinking of the idea of testing sound nice to man. However, when we have a general look at humanity, we will see that children, ill people, weak people, old people and the people in prison, that is, about three-fourths of the people, become victims of this ethical philosophy because a system that protects only the strong and healthy people will appear. The idea of seeing the rich and powerful people will lead the individuals and the community to egoism in the long run; thus, lonely individuals and an unhappy community will arise.

The Relationship between Belief in the Existence of a Designer of the Universe and Intelligence

A person who believes that the universe has a designer (God) will consider the world he lives in, the community, the family in the narrow sense apart from today; so, he will have a wide viewpoint and a strong intelligence. Intelligent people have long-range targets and make long-range plans. Can we call a person who regards only the time period in the laboratory and does not think about after that intelligent? At this point, science does not prevent people from being religious but it has difficulty in understanding why they become religious. For instance, quantum mechanics, which regards the universe as a laboratory, makes us understand the universe and existence correctly; with the data that it presents, it makes man think about the life after death, too.

What We See Consists of the Things that we Think are Possible

What we call natural urge has turned out to be the current of atoms and subatomic particles. In fact, those particles are not objects. They are a state of existence and non-existence among electrons. According to this reality, time is a direction and the universe is a space. What exists is not matter but ideals, knowledge, thoughts and rules. For instance, when consciousness looks at the wave system, it sees what it will perceive. Otherwise, perception does not take place. Such a look expresses mental tending not what is visual. It is known that what sees is not the eye but the brain. Different alternatives reach the universe in the existence and non-existence adventure of particles. Those scientific realities make man ask the following question:  Can the real universe be the universe after death? The imaginations and the dreams that we call the fantasy world belong to the subatomic world. We live inside a big hologram. In this framework, we can only see the things that we think are possible. The universe proceeds with three-dimensional oscillation and vibration. All realities can exist at the same time. Probabilities can exist at the same time. Our interests make them existent or non-existent. Everything is possible with its opposite. If DNA is a software in the language of biology and if hologram is a software formed by three-dimensional wave oscillation, what is life?

The Universe is Alive

Life is a software. This software has a content that collects and uses energy and that balances everything based on cybernetic laws. Life energy spreads and is made zero by entropy. Life shows its fertility by producing elements like copper and gold through nanotechnology. The universe is alive. In real life, knowledge and energy proceed together. The chemical information in DNA is the product of a conscious array, away from being a heap. The oscillations, vibrations and oscillograms in the hologram are organized knowledge beyond being heaped up. Only a being that controls everything can create an apple, an atom or a planet.  Their seeds show the power of the software. The first knowledge in the universe is an architectural design. The project and engineering calculations of the universe were produced and then it was created. Life itself resembles the software of the universe.

In quantum mechanics, responsibility lies in man but man cannot know the result. When religious science which seeks answers to questions like “who are we?”, “where are we coming from?” and “where are we going?” is thought together with quantum mechanics, we can see the whole and manage to produce correct results. Besides, there is no way except this for man who wants to be eternal. The fact that the universe is alive makes us regard the existence of a being that designs and controls it as the most reasonable answer.

What Thought does to Water

Scientific studies that examined water molecules through dark field microscopy managed to show the relationship between quantum reality and spiritual experiences. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and New York Times bestselling author, attracted the attention of science circles with his book “The Miracle of Water”. The studies that photographed the changes caused in water crystals by the words uttered and that were repeated in the laboratory made man look at himself and the universe in a different way. Emoto explained his theses by saying, “I cannot prove my ideas by basing them on scientific foundations in the real sense but we should not forget that unproved imaginations took place at the beginning of scientific developments. The ideas that were regarded absurd in the past can be proved scientifically today.” Emoto’s words remind us that it is necessary to force the boundaries in order to understand the world we live in. Emphasizing especially the words “love and gratitude”, the author defines love as the energy that originates from giving and gratitude as the energy that originates from receiving; he says this togetherness brought about very nice water crystals.

Man can hear 15-20 thousand hertz frequencies in a second. It is not possible for us to hear the sounds over or under these frequencies. However, the words that we do not hear are existent in the universe as vibrations. Life itself is energy and energy is the combination of vibrations. Resonance is a vibration that brings about another vibration, that is, reflection. As a result of these scientific coefficients, the vibration of opposite objects takes place since both objects are in the same frequency.

Stating that water has great importance in transferring the resonance, Dr. Emoto says, “If life is a vibration, we can have some idea about life after death acting upon this.” While mentioning the source of the concepts love and gratitude, Emoto emphasizes that the concepts of Ying and Yang in the Chinese culture should be mentioned together with the concepts love and gratitude. One solution to the problem is to generate certain interface elements cell phone spy software via code

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