What is Spirit?

Pathologist Rudolf Virchow, who is known as the founder of modern medicine, said, “I have dissected thousands of bodies but I have never met the thing called spirit.” However, this scientist, whose aim was to understand man, moved beyond this judgment and noticed the “essence” or what we call “nafs” in our traditional terminology, or “self” as a psychological term. It is important what kind of a connection exists between the concept called “nafs” or “essence” and the concept “spirit” and how the boundaries of these concepts are determined.

According to materialistic positivism, bile is the secretion of the liver; similarly, behaviors are the secretions of the brain; they are virtually products of the brain. Accordingly, the brain is the source of our behaviors, feelings and thoughts. There is no power and being superior to it. However, this view is open to discussion. When all of the feelings, thoughts and behaviors are considered as the product of human brain, we cannot answer the question what the source of the knowledge that cannot be explained is. How does symbolic, abstract or artistic thought emerge? How does the brain bring together such perfect group of thoughts and how do cells combine and produce an intelligent cell? Positive science answers these questions through the concept of consciousness but it does not enlighten the issue sufficiently.

What kind of Program is Spirit?

The spirit program that emerges with the birth of man and that can develop along with the realities that are experienced is a gift of the Creator to man. As it is known, no being except man has the property to question and even to object to its creation and the process after it. Humanity has been in relationship with the Creator in terms of this aspect since the creation of Adam.

We can liken spirit to computer programs concretely. Computer programs are installed in the computers as empty and we record them based on our areas of interest, pleasures and talents; we can also archive the files that are compatible with them and expand them. We notice that the more we use the program, the more it prospers and develops. The more man develops his spirit, the stronger relationship will be established with the being that gave him the spirit. Although the genetic program of all of the sane people is the same, few people can add information to this program and use it properly.

Differences between Man and Animal in terms of Spirit

The most important difference between men and animals is that the spirit program of animals is much less limited that that of man and that it cannot be developed.   On the other hand, animals are various and colorful in terms of species; for instance, there are hundreds species of insects. Although this species seemingly has various types, the program in them is very weak. It is like a tool that is designed to do only one kind of work; for instance, to try to transform the cow, which is programmed to produce milk, into man by changing its genetic code is like to transform a calculator into a computer. However, the calculator cannot cope with such a hard function. The fact that animals have different equipment but their duties are limited and that man is weak in terms of having different species but their spirit program is equipped with endless talents shows the difference between them. The present situation associates the superiority of man with developing his talents.

Man has different talents and he can use these talents in a very limited way like using a very complicated computer as a calculator or typewriter. However, he can also use it in order to obtain the knowledge in the greatest libraries of the world. He can even produce works that will influence world politics. It is not objectionable for man to do only a single thing but it will be disadvantageous for him to do only one thing though there are a lot of things he can do and not to use the facilities that have been provided for him. The being that provided him with these bounties can account him for not fulfilling his duties properly. On the other hand, a person who develops the program he has in an advanced level can reach the level to ask to work together with the maker and the designer of the program. It is also known that very skilled hackers are employed by companies to work in the field of computing. If man develops himself in a way that is suitable for his existence, he will have the privilege of being addressed by the Creator.

Spirit Program that Inspires Radio

Along with the software and hardware, the computer has another aspect: it can be connected. It is not possible to go online with a calculator, but a computer can access the internet and reach many sources of information.  The spirit program in man has the property of connecting. This property necessitates certain oscillations and vibrations. The element that provides vibration in man is living the feelings as it is necessary and discovering the subtleties of spirit this way. Researches show that man has three kinds of basic senses. The first one is mechanical senses like touching, physical contact and light; the second is chemical senses like tasting and smelling; the third one is magnetic senses. Animals also have the magnetic sense. This sense, which we try to define through expressions like the sixth sense, shows that animals also have the sense of feeling what is going to happen. We can answer a probable question whether magnetic senses can be the door to lofty feelings and related to perceiving them by modeling one of our senses as follows: We perceive the vibration of the sound in the mechanical ear; we have “quartz crystals” in the inner ear. Vibrations transform the sound energy in the ear into electrical energy through piezoelectricity. As the sense of hearing, the ear is in charge of transforming the hearing energy into electrical energy. Man has other feelings like love, hatred and fury. These feelings transform the electrical energy in the brain into radio energy. Or, one part of our brain transforms the magnetic energy like love coming from the environment into electrical energy and causes our brain to perceive it.   The brain, which transforms magnetic feeling into sense and energy, processes it chemically and electrically; and we start to perceive it this way. Although this state has not been proved yet, it shows, under the light of rational data, the existence of the mechanism that transforms magnetic energy into electrical energy and the realization of wireless connections in the brain.

Another example related to the issue is dogs. Dogs can feel the people that are afraid of them. When the fear is perceived by the dog through oscillation and vibration, the probability of attack emerges. Similarly, when we feel love toward somebody, we produce some oscillation and vibration. The energy emitted by a person who fears is different from the energy emitted by a person who has love and confidence. The waves sent by a radio frequency are received by a device and enables us to listen to the radio; similarly, the waves emitted by us are compatible with the frequencies of the people similar to us and form a connection; it is as if they organize the vibrations coming from the divine source and enable them to interact emotionally with one another.

Love is like Photon Energy

If we liken man to a radio station, we can see his ego hidden in his electrical energy. In this radio station, there is information recorded in tapes and it is sufficient for man. However, to activate the property of connection, it is necessary to switch the “on/off” button on it. Otherwise, when man lives with the existent knowledge only, he will live within the boundaries of a calculator.  However, when we have a computer with a TV card, along with connecting to the internet, we will have a power to watch the TV channels in the world.

Unlike men, animals have a structure like a radio or tape recorder that works as long as electricity is available and uses the recorded information; they eat and drink, have sexual intercourse and meet their basic needs. However, they do not have an FM band that will receive the information in the universe. On the other hand, man becomes connected to the divine radio by the vibrations that come on megahertz through RF (Radio Frequency) waves. What makes this connection is love. Love is the energy and the essence of the heart. What is meant by the heart here is beyond an organ; like photon lights.

Electrons are rays that have a mass; and electricity is produced from those rays. Photons are rays without mass and they can spread everywhere. Love seems to be composed of photon energy. In recent years, an energy particle faster than light has been mentioned and it is called “psychon”. The energy that makes the electric circuits in our body work is energy with the property of electron; love is energy without mass with the property of photon. The heart establishes connections with transmitters like a base station. It sends the feelings and thoughts in it and receives the information coming from outside. With these properties, it resembles a satellite. Animals resemble an electronic device but men are like an electromagnetic device with a conscious memory. Even if animals act completely in accordance with the program in them, they cannot establish “online” connections. Their creation allows only this. In places where creation is limited, the development is slow. However, if the program is filled, developed and used in a good way to the optimum extent, the good aspects of the program will be on the foreground.

There are two programs in man: one of them is fixed, the other is variable. In animals and other living beings, there is not a second program that can be developed.  The privilege of man is that this program, which is inherent in his operating system, is in a state that can be installed. This state indicates that an operating system with very big abilities and wide boundaries, which the other living beings lack, is existent in human brain.

When man discovers his abilities and tries to develop himself, it attracts the attention of the Creator and his ability to have a relationship with Him progresses. The most important property that makes man a man is the property to be able to question himself, life and the created beings and things, and to obtain an answer. For instance, while trying to examine the electronic circuits that connect the cells in the brain to one another and trying to correct the disorders as doctors working in the field of psychiatry, we can repeatedly encounter the fact that man has a fixed program and the property to add new programs to it. The question “Why was a spirit program installed in the computer of man and who is the external power installing that program?” is to be answered by theology. Positive sciences concentrate on how the current system formed and how it works.

Relationship between Spirit and the Sun

Spirit is energy without mass that is seen in man as a property. The sun disappears eight minutes after it fades. Its light travels to the world with a speed of 300 thousand km per second. A different type of energy other than the sun is spirit. Spirit is away from the concepts of time and space. The sun has a property that can be defined as semi-luminous but spirit is fully luminous; it is not conditioned by any material terms including time. However, photon energy is not independent of time and space though it has no mass and it is at a minimal level.

A region in the human brain has a property that interacts with the waves in the universe. In an orchestra where each instrument is independent, all of the instruments are played upon the order of the conductor if there is one. For instance, when three separate guitars are played and all of them produce the same sound, the oscillation of the three guitars correspond and a loud sound is produced. However, if one of the guitars produces a different sound, it will stick out because it is not harmonious with the other sounds in the orchestra. In the human brain, there exists the resonance and vibration in the universe. When we meet that vibration, our brain seems to attain the Creator. Man who tries to understand the meaning of life needs to interact with the common mind in the universe in order to produce the oscillation that is in compliance with the expectation of the Creator. Religious people have managed to do it.  The region in the brain that interacts with the waves in the universe actually shows that some intelligent energy called spirit becomes a part of the whole by moving beyond an autonomous being that works on its own, and lives in order to eat, drink, reproduce and protect itself. This helps man feel secure and at ease.

If man cannot interact with his Creator and if that region of the brain cannot feel Him, he will feel lonely. At this point, the following question is a topic of discussion: Does the feeling of confidence in man activate that region in the brain or does the brain activate that feeling when it interacts with the energy in the universe? It is not known to what extent this topic of scientific discussion is evaluated by the relationship of cause and effect but it is a clear fact that when a part of the brain is activated, man feels happy and secure. It is necessary to know the definitions among the mind, feeling and spirit very well in order to be able to fulfill it. While spirit searches the inner truth in man, the mind generally deals with the external realities. Spirit is more sensitive toward the feelings and excitements that come from the inside of man. Consequently, what gives man the joy of living is the common outcome of those three faculties.

Spirit Wireless

Man is like a ship in the middle of the ocean in the universe. The emotional energy in him makes him float; mental energy plans what he will do and the spiritual energy establishes and maintains its connection with the land. He sometimes becomes happy but he does not know where to go in the middle of the ocean; he experiences some temporary happiness while proceeding in the sea but he cannot know where he will go if he does not use his mind; thus, his happiness can become temporary.

Spirit is like a wireless that establishes connections with the radio station on the land. Even though man feels alone, the thought, “I have a Creator in the universe” will make him feel that he is a part of the whole in the universe.

Along with spirit, the mind is another element that determines the route of man; feeling keeps him standing and gives him energy. If not all three of them are together, man cannot be happy. If a person can motivate himself through the help of his emotional energy and can find solutions to problems by using his mind, his spirit will also help him and will proceed in life as it is necessary with the signals that will come from it. If a person has no connection with his spirit though there are no problems in his feelings and mind, it is highly probable that he will deviate from his route of life. Therefore, we can say that the people who have connections with heavenly religions make fewer mistakes. Those who have not established a connection with their spirits will also find the true path but they can proceed only through trial and error method. Those who have a strong spiritual connection interact with the lofty place since only spirit can manage to take inspiration from heavenly sources. The mind will be contended with its own sources only.

Does Spirit Become Ill?

Psychiatric illnesses were defined as “spiritual illnesses” for a long time because the electronic and chemical circuits in the brain break down when love, hatred, fury and other feelings remain hidden or when they become more active than necessary just like the computers losing their function or having problems with vision when there are some problems in the circuits.  Rather than spirit itself, the spirit program is out of order here. Although there is no error in the software, the error in the electronic circuits is perceived as a spiritual illness.  When the medicine taken upon the advice of the doctor corrects the electronic circuits in the brain, the program starts to function again.

It is necessary for man to be restructured just like computers that are reset. This restructuring becomes possible when man establishes a continuous connection with the cosmic energy in the universe and cleans the viruses in the program during this connection. There are viruses that sabotage man’s spirit program just like the viruses that sabotage the programs in computers. Everything that harms the environment like telling lies, stealing, doing wrong, aggressiveness is a virus. The most important characteristic of viruses is the fact that they leave man in the background on the way to the target. In the journey of life realized toward a target, devilish viruses are preventers and they block life. Viral thoughts trap man into pleasure. Viruses, which can be briefly defined as unending desires and a selfish lifestyle, need to be cleaned because they prevent the main program from operating properly. However, this cleaning should not be done only once. Cleaning only once does not mean that man is saved completely. What needs to be done is to take measures against the attacks that could take place later by developing protection programs and antibodies. If man, who is a dynamic being, continues this effort, he will fulfill his duty toward himself and his Creator and will do his duty as a human. Moreover, this state will be rewarded by the “Great Will”.

Association of Feeling and Spirit

There are physiological programs similar to ones in digital electronic circuits that do not change both in people and animals in terms of software. They include basic instincts like hunger, thirst, sexuality and aggressiveness. There are also high feeling programs in human beings. However, not all of those high feelings are positive. While moving between positive and negative feelings, man tends to prefer one of these two groups. If he makes correct choices, a lifestyle that is in compliance with the expectations and targets of the being that wrote the program will occur. At this stage, physiological motives are the fixed part of the spirit program and it is impossible to disregard them.

Connection of Feelings with Spirit

The mediating organ between man’s material world and spiritual world is the brain. In our brain, there is an area where feelings and thoughts are represented and there are areas where the activations of logic and mind are present. Excessiveness in the oscillation of the electromagnetic waves in the brain causes illnesses. It has been determined in the new researches regarding the brain that feelings like aggressiveness and fear can be revealed by sending electromagnetic stimuli to the brain; it has also been determined that the feeling of “time” can be eliminated in a person by the vibrations sent to him without his knowledge. It has been seen that when the code of the amygdala region, which is as big as a chickpea, is deciphered, a person will be made happy by transmitting the oscillation there to another region in the brain. In the next decades, it may be possible to make the brain secrete happiness hormone by sending oscillations and vibrations to it without giving any medication. The connection between feelings and spirit takes place by the activation of the areas that arrange feelings with the help of electromagnetic energy.

Relationship of Spirit and Body

Researches made in recent years have shown that every matter had the power to absorb a signal and ultraviolet rays. The rate of every matter based on this power shows its characteristics, too. For instance, a signal is sent to a filling material and the property of this matter is understood based on the answer it gives; thus, it is noticed that the thing that is called matter is actually a signal. If matter is a signal, the universe is wholly a signal; the raw material of matter that appears in digital format will be transported like that.

Spirit-body or matter-spirit relationship is a part of the studies on perception in man. While questioning the meaning of anything, it is important to perceive its concrete and abstract dimensions. This situation is also valid for life. When a person dies, life ends for him though no matter is missing in his body. This situation can be likened to a device that does not operate when there is no electricity though there is nothing wrong in the micro circuits or equipment. This relationship between electricity and the device is like the relationship between spirit and body. The device is of no use without electricity but electricity alone is of no use, either. What determines the value of something is not its material structure only but whether it serves the purpose or not.

Spirit and body complement each other just like electricity and the device. For instance, a computer having consciousness and capacity to talk and saying, “I was created so that I would be me” is meaningless for it and it is disrespect toward the person who produced that computer. What is expected from the device is to know that it was produced for the aims in its manual and to express it. It is best to evaluate man by considering the aims in his content. Therefore, man tries to determine his purpose of creation by asking, “Are the games in me my servant or am I to serve the games in me?” Since the person who produced a device knows its program best, the one that knows the purpose of man is his Creator.

People communicate not only verbally but also emotionally and bodily. This system in man is the best system that will be able to explain the relationship between spirit and body.

Therefore, the value of something is measured by the value of its purpose. The best example of it lies in the profession of teaching. When you ask teachers what their aim in being a teacher is, one out of two teachers says to make a living but the other teacher can say that he wants to raise good generations. This situation is important in that it shows the difference of their vision. The same thing is valid for the feeling of nationalism. If the aim of a person in elevating his national values is the interest of his country and serving his country, that person is like a small nation on his own. However, if a person says, “the place where I am full up is my country”, he lacks vision.

Summarizing man’s vision as to compete in order to meet his basic needs and to obtain his interests, Darwinism disregards the eternity after death and a supernatural life, and rejects everything that is not concrete.

Arguing the thesis that reducing a talented being to concrete is not enough to make man happy, Fukuyama emphasizes that the basic feeling of trust and the desire to be appreciated are important for man and claims that they contribute to social and economic activities from meeting needs to motivating a person in his book called Trust. We have come to the point where we can determine scientifically the mistake mentioned by Fukuyama, who says modernism has made a mistake by ignoring abstract human aims. A person who does not lead his life with a human target is a person who is away from social responsibility and is a person who has a low vision. This person, who acts based on the inferior mind, is away from the thoughts and symbolic values represented by the superior mind. Darwinist doctrine, which is based on coincidental existence, natural selection and the survival of the fittest, cannot explain how abstract and symbolic thought form in this system. It is not convincing to say that abstract and symbolic thought developed through trial and error and by talking to other people. If it were true, parrots and the other birds would be the most intelligent beings. The same thing is valid for DNA. The DNA of a moss and a human resemble each other at a rate of 98%. So, the difference occurs in the first creation. Things like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and phosphate, which are the raw materials of DNA, are inorganic matters that consist of mixtures.

In man, there are feelings that are perceived by five senses, chemical feelings that can be understood through different techniques and magnetic feelings. When these feelings reach man, they affect him at first; then, they form an impression. At this point, not the matter itself but its properties come to the foreground.

Science world is trying to make matter measurable in blood, urine, serum and the other tissues in the measurements that it has made in recent years. At this stage, there is a signal that matter produces and presents to the universal flow. This signal, which is related to the ionic charge of matter, is like its fingerprint.

Every matter has a molecule and mass weight based on its ionic charge; this transmits a signal to the universe. For instance, the properties of matter are understood based on its rate of absorbing ultraviolet light. Knowing matter with the help of ultraviolet rays is like a black and white photograph defining an object, showing the outlines of an object. In addition, the property of matter is defined based on its ionic charge through measuring the signals of the ions of matter by mass chromatography or tomographic indicators. When only one part of this defined matter is examined by the device, it can be understood which matter it belongs to. The substances that are present in a blood sample and their rates can be determined. Thus, some stimuli are sent to matter and measurement is carried out based on the signals it transmits.

In the magnetic examinations that are applied to screen the brain, the negative and positive directions in the hydrogen atom located in the strong magnetic field in the brain are turned to one direction; this holds all of the ions in the brain in one direction temporarily. Then, a sound wave, radio frequency is sent to the brain and the rays start to move at a certain angle based on this frequency. At this point, soft tissues act faster; hard tissues or bones are slower. Thus, it is understood which region is bone and which region is water.

Similarly, the density of hydrogen is also measured. Since hydrogen is present in water abundantly, the most number of black points appear in that region. Radio frequency at an intensity that the hydrogen atom can receive is sent and the tissues that make atom move are understood. As a result of this movement, brain screening appears.

The relationship between matter and energy, and heat and light that can be seen in the electromagnetic spectrum have been mentioned as new factors recently. The band between the ultraviolet and infrared is the band that man sees. Beyond it, the frequency of energy, that is, its radiational structure changes, and the heat movements in the universe can be measured through the micro waves that form as a result. For instance, although there are no insects seen in a field, due to the heat difference, the places invaded by insects can be seen through thermal cameras. Terrorists on the mountain can be found through thermal cameras though they are not seen. Thanks to this heat measured by microwave, the existence of some objects is determined. For instance, in microwave ovens, it is possible to heat the inner side of a food more than the outer side. Transfer of vision is realized through radio frequencies and wireless. These developments inform us that feelings and thoughts are oscillations and vibrations and that they have a connection with the universal flow.

When we think that matter was created through a radiational existence and that it has the dimensions of oscillation and vibration, it comes to the mind that the universe was created radiationally at the beginning. Hz. Muhammad mentioned a light in the creation of the universe and that the drop of spirit was created out of this light. It is possible to say here that light expresses ray here and that it is a being superior to spirit. The creation of light first and then spirit shows the distribution of the universe in various dimensions. The relationship between spirit and body shows the relationship of energy at various levels.

Everything including the relationships that we cannot explain between visible and invisible beings makes us think about the relationship between spirit and body. We can liken this relationship to the holograms behind books. Holograms cannot be photocopied; the symbols recorded in holograms through oscillations and vibrations can only be seen through a laser device. Therefore, it is possible to liken the impression recorded in the frequency code of matter in the universe to a hologram. While the visions or smells we perceive are at a certain frequency code, those determined by laser are at a different frequency code; and man’s spirit structure is yet another frequency code peculiar to him.

Only the being that wrote man’s program and that recorded his manual can see his spirit code. Therefore, what man says about his spirit program is limited. However, we can have some information about spirit by examining some traces and results. Nevertheless, it is not possible to understand spirit completely. When the knowledge about creation is given to man by his Creator, his abilities will develop. The holographic frequency codes or electromagnetic feelings in the relationship between spirit and body are called “psychological knowledge”.

Feelings like joy, fear and fury, which we call psychological knowledge, are actually frequency codes and they have not been produced yet. However, in the future, it will be possible to produce the feeling of happiness in human brain by giving those frequency codes. The frequency code will transmitted to the region of the brain that produces happiness without giving any electricity from outside by sending waves at that frequency code, which will make it possible to start vibrations in that region of the brain. Science world is trying to develop a module to do it because the frequency code needs to be transportable.

When the brain learns to walk, fill water and many other similar acts, it also learns balance and gravity. After discriminating between them, the brain starts to learn to perceive with its identity of the organ of cognition. After this perception of the brain with the help of various concepts, identification comes; the brain manages to distinguish the properties of beings and deeds and their attributes. Then, in humans and some animals, the property of making decisions appears. An animal that has the properties of feeling, impression, knowledge, recognition and perception can make a positive or negative decision regarding an issue. However, in man, there is another property beyond will and spirit-body relationship, which is consciousness.

Consciousness can be explained as the property of man being aware of his existence. The issue of consciousness as a field that quantum physics discusses has been evaluated together with the concept of basic consciousness. This branch of science, which researches the relationship between quantum physics and neuroscience, states that the universe is a system consisting of energy bands and that the state of being conscious is a property that has been given to man as a separate frequency. This property is expressed through metacognition genes in the brain; it enables a person to be aware of himself and time.

There is an energy that spreads in the universe and the fixed energies other than it are energies like heat, light, radio frequency and spirit that can be summarized as matter. Human beings have some abilities that the other living beings do not have. These abilities distinguish human beings from other living beings. Thus, we can see that the concepts that we name as abstract are extensions of a spreading and surrounding energy.

The separation of spirit from body is like unplugging a computer. The difference between the heart death and brain death appears at this point. The occurrence of brain death though the heart is still active is the state that we describe as vegetative state or autonomic state. This person, who eats and drinks but lives without moving, will live like an animal if he can move because will is present in movement; the fact that the middle parts of the brain work shows that animal life continues.

A limited life is in question in autistic children who cannot transform the spiritual part of the energy that surrounds the universe. Since the transformers in the brains of these children do not work, it is difficult for them to activate the necessary portion of their energies. The area where man practices notions like time and space, questions regarding his existence and feelings like joy and happiness is the brain; if man is not given this consciousness, he will be a being that eats, drinks and excretes only. The cortex of the brain and the limbic system in it have to work to continue our lifestyle.

There are regions outside the cortex that manage feeling processes in the brain. They are regions where abstract information with emotional dimension is recorded. To make decisions with dimensions of meaning and feeling, to produce words, to add meaning to words and to utter the words to which meaning is added are among the functions that are carried out by the brain in the limbic system. When there is a deficiency in these regions, illnesses that we call “spiritual illnesses” occur.

In fact, spiritual illness is related to the inability of the energy that surrounds the universe to turn into an energy in the brain. If the connections and circuits regarding the issue in the brain do not work, the connection of the signals that it produces with the universal relationship is broken and illnesses appear. Therefore, the law of gravity and energy connectivity form in the universe and consequently the difference between the relationship of spirit and body occurs.

Spirit as the Breath of Rahman

When we have a look at the creation of man, we see the “ideal human” model introduced by religions in the abstract sense. It is important to work in accordance with this model. When we examine the balance in the universe, it is seen that there is a purpose in the universe. The religions that introduce us oneness act upon this thesis.

When we look at the original theses of the Abrahamic religions, we see that they say man is “breath”. The mystic view that names man’s spirit as “breath” is the expression of the spirit by the Prophet of Islam defined as “existence is the breath of Rahman (the All-Merciful)”. It is possible to mention energy transfer to man from spirit, which is stated to be blown into man by Allah. Man transfers the feelings in him to the person he faces even when he breathes out. If Hz. Muhammad had said, in the first years of his prophethood, that there were millions of living beings in one drop of water and if he had mentioned the relationship between spirit and the oscillations and vibrations in the universe, nobody would have believed in him.  Since Allah is not a material being and He has no lungs, it is understood that He transferred some of his properties to His slaves when the word “blowing” (breathing out) is used. We can think of the concept blowing as knowledge and revelation in particular.

Revelation is transfer of knowledge. The universe means knowledge itself and knowledge in various forms and shapes. For instance, knowledge has the form of matter but it also has the form of energy, and it becomes manifest in a digital format. In the universe, knowledge has electromagnetic form, high frequency length, forms in vision band, forms that read heats called infrared, microwave forms, radio frequency forms and spirit energy forms. All this knowledge confirms the thesis “universe equals knowledge”.

We can think of the concrete example of the knowledge that Allah transmits to the universe from His own knowledge as a computer. A computer is a device that processes knowledge and information. All knowledge that can be transformed into digital format can be transferred, made visible and read on the computer screen. Knowledge related to life consists of dots in the form of “existent” and “non-existent”. The existence and non-existence in these codes is a fact of duality showing that positive and negative things exist in the same place.

The knowledge of the universe can be likened to the work of the architect who starts to draw a project two years before he starts the construction of a thirty-story building. Knowledge, will, money and time will be needed respectively for the application of the project. Knowledge alone will not be sufficient; it has to be accompanied by wisdom, which means to do something properly at the right place and time.

The knowledge in the universe has a language related to creation. The energy band here is a wave function. Since the vibrations are fast and the wavelengths move with a speed that we cannot perceive, it is very difficult for man to perceive the wavelengths that appear in the form of “existent” and “non-existent”. Considering this form, we can say that the universe consists of dots.

Gamma x-rays are very intense rays. Matter is a vibration but rays like gamma rays pass through matter. The colors that are seen are within the range of seven colors. Since we cannot see the others, we regard the sounds, visions and colors that pass by us as “non-existent” because we cannot see them. X rays are ultraviolet rays.

“My Spirit Feels Bored”

A person who says his spirit is bored develops a strategy about the problem in him and tries to find a solution to eliminate the problem. The problem of a person who knows why he feels bored, defines the problem and solves it moves away on its own.

The problems whose causes are not known today and that originate from the worries experienced in the past form the fear of breaking down in man and causes the state that we name as “psychological pain”. The ignitions that take place in the chemical and electrical circuits in the brain during problems are tried to be lessened through medication. This brings about certain relief but the problem is not solved fully; when the effect of the medication fades away, the dormant volcano will erupt again. To find the cause of the problem through different thought strategies and to eliminate it is a very important milestone in the treatment of the problem.

The state that people express through the phrase “my spirit feels bored” is biochemical and spiritual breakdown in the areas where spirit and body combine.  A person who discovers this breakdown will try to solve it through trust in God and surrendering. If he cannot solve it despite his efforts, his problem will be eliminated when he says, “even if I cannot solve this problem in the way that I wish, there is a power that hears and knows me and that will help me” and when he surrenders the burden in his mind to the Creator. The reason why trust in God is emphasized so much in religions is that it is a method of eliminating worries. A person who is relieved through trust in God can be more endurable toward the burden of life by activating the circuits of the program coded in his mind.

Spirit and Death

The universe is a big energy and the beings are signals in this energy. Everything, whether oxygen, carbon, a cat, a dog or a human, which continues to live is a signal. Signals have ionic charges like fingerprints and definitions. Spirit is a signal in the form of radio frequency, apart from the ionic charge. What we call death is the end of the time period in which spirit and body work together.

Spirit is a set of abilities; some abilities in this set are developed by the person himself or they are left half finished. It is important for man to use the bounties granted to him properly. A person who believes in eternity believes that the world is a slice in the line of the life coming from pre-eternity and going to post-eternity. In this slice, he is asked some questions and is evaluated based on these questions.

All of the knowledge in man is present in the long memory like the “hard disk” of a computer. There is an incident that is present in the literature regarding the issue: An inquisitive neurologist who was next to a patient who had a traffic accident talked to the patient when he was in a coma and recorded everything that he said; when he recovered from the coma, the neurologist made the patient listen to the recording. Hearing that he spoke Italian in the recording, the patient told the doctor that he did not know Italian. At first, reincarnationists supported this knowledge thinking that it will serve as evidence for their ideas. However, when the past of the patient was researched, it was found out that an Italian nanny took care of him when he was a child and that she talked to the child in Italian from time to time.

What is learnt in the first years of life is located in the lower layers of the memory and what is learnt later is located in the upper layers of the memory. When a man who keeps the knowledge he has learnt dies, he changes his energy band only. The priority of the energy band for man flows in the material dimension as long as he is alive; when he dies, it flows in the meaning dimension.

The endless energy that surrounds the universe allows this being, that is, the created being, which produces signals, to continue his existence in another life after he finishes his circulation in the world. Therefore, no living being will cease to exist unless its signal ends. The best example to be given for this situation is the GPRS system, one of the inventions of the recent years. With this device, which is placed in vehicles, it is possible to find where the vehicle goes through its frequency code; this invention of technology is also valid for human beings.

The signal of man is like his fingerprint and it is not possible to think of it to be independent of the universe. Therefore, every branch of science and discipline complement one another. The universe is a set of knowledge, and this knowledge spreads to the whole universe. The creation of matter has been programmed with mathematical expressions; as a person solves them, he will have solved the mystery of how the universe was created. We all want to make ourselves look amazing pay to write your essay in our applications, and i’m sure everyone applying to sipa has something great to offer, so just be yourself

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