Way of Spiritual Development Through The Ladder of Science

The laws of the Glorious Quran that are in the form of orders and prohibitions are based on God Almighty’s attribute of speech. For instance, decrees related to belief, worship, haram (prohibited) and halal (permitted).

The laws that occur in the universe are based on God Almighty’s attribute of will. For instance, law of gravity, law of buoyancy, law of burning.

Man is obliged to obey both of those laws of God Almighty. When he acts in accordance with the laws of nature that are the works of His attribute of will, he will receive his reward in this world; if he does not, he will receive the punishment in this world. For instance, the result of working is wealth; the result of laziness is misery. In accordance with that law, whether an unbeliever or a Muslim, a person will be rich if he works, and will be miserable if he does not work.

He who obeys the attribute of speech will receive the reward and he who does not obey will receive the punishment generally in the hereafter. That is, the reward and punishment of belief and worship will generally be in the hereafter.

However, as the works and efforts, especially science, in the world bring about material development, goodwill and looking at the beings in the name of God will bring about spiritual development and may be a stepping-stone and a ladder to understand and know God.

As it is known, all of the beings in the universe are the work of God’s power and knowledge. The universe was created with a plan, wisdom and balance like a book. All of the exact sciences and even social sciences have been trying to present the forms, structures natures and behaviors of the beings in the book of the universe. If the balanced, purposeful, perfect and planned creation in the beings that are presented by each science is contemplated and considered as the manifestation of God’s knowledge, power and names and is looked at as works of God, the knowledge obtained from that science will be a means of knowing and understanding God better. It is called the science of knowing God or Marifatullah. Consequently, the more progress a person makes in the field of science, the better he will know God and will develop in Marifatullah. That development is only possible through looking at the beings with signified meaning, that is, on behalf of their Creator. That is, instead of saying “How nice”, one should say, “how nice it was created”.

If beings are looked at with their literal meaning, that is, as a work of nature or coincidence, then all of the sciences become meaningless and cause God to be forgotten. It will give rise to naturalism and denial. It will throw man to the lowest of the low spiritually. Therefore, it is necessary to look at things not with literal meaning but with signified meaning, that is, on behalf of God that created them. For instance, when we look at a tree and ascribe its formation and its uses for us to nature and coincidence, that look is look with literal meaning. If we remember its creator when we look at the tree, then we look at the tree on behalf of God, that is, with signified meaning.

Thus, when we look at beings with signified meaning, that is, on behalf of God, then each science becomes a ladder for understanding and knowing God and turns to the worship of contemplation. Thus, man that becomes engaged in sciences that will be useful for mankind will become a mirror to the hadith “An hour of contemplation is better than a year of extra worship”. That science that is learnt leads to the science of knowing God, that is, Marifatullah and it brings about the spiritual development of man along with material development. Interestingly, it’s being billed as tomb raider i, which suggests www.besttrackingapps.com/ that the sequel will be available at some point

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