The Existence of God Necessitates Prophethood

Prophets tell us that the happenings in the universe are meaningful. They also tell us that there is a reason, an aim and a benefit for man.  They also mention the relation of the whole universe with man. They speak about the value of man. They state that the misfortunes that come to man are not coincidental that they all have a reason. They state that there is no coincidence in the universe.

Each man would like to find out what the great personality, that does him a lot favors and grants him a lot of things, wants from him to please Him, how to please Him, what his future will be. God, who gives men endless blessings, told men what to do to please Him and what their future will be through Prophets.

It is natural that the owner of a skill wants to see and to show his skills and art. He will certainly appoint somebody to explain his skills and art. Similarly, Prophets informed people about the aim of the creation of the universe, the orders and consent of God. Prophets mirrored the divine names in the best way. They advised men in the best way that they should believe, obey, thank and praise God.  Men were able to understand the answers to the questions “where the beings come from, where they go and what their duties are” thanks to the messages brought by Prophets. All will cell phone tracker online in be discussed in the following report

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