Some Properties of Miracles

In fact, the properties of a miracle are present in the definition above. Let us clarify them.

a- A miracle must be something extraordinary. That extraordinary thing can be words or something similar. The following are some examples of that kind of a miracle: once pebbles in the hands of Hazrat Prophet (PBUH) glorified God; the palm log in the minbar (pulpit) groaned like a camel because it was separated from the Messenger of God (PBUH); trees witnessed.

It can be a deed or action. The fact that water began flowing from among the fingers of Hazrat Prophet (PBUH) is that kind of a miracle. A miracle may also take place through the changing of a law of nature or through the loss of the essential quality of something. For instance, the fact that fire did not burn Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) is that kind of a miracle.

b- A miracle takes place through the will and creation of God.

“We did aforetime send messengers before you: of them there are some whose story We have related to you, and some whose story We have not related to you. It was not (possible) for any messenger to bring a Sign except by the leave of Allah: but when the Command of Allah issued, the matter was decided in truth and justice, and there perished there and then, those who stood on Falsehoods.” (al-Mumin, (Ghafir) 40/78).

Therefore, nobody can determine its time and kind.

“They swear their strongest oaths by Allah, that if a (special) sign came to them, by it they would believe. Say: “Certainly (all) signs are in the power of Allah: but what will make you (Muslims) realize that even if a (special) sign come, they will not believe.”  (al-Anaam 6/109).

c- A miracle must occur in accordance with the claim or prayer of a prophet.

d- Miracles occur through the hands of prophets. The extraordinary things that occur through people that are not prophets are not miracles. To the famous writers and to the one’s trying to accomplish the the dreams,never give up and throughout all of the holidays to come,do this for me and your family and friends please never take out,the christ in christmas and making it xmas

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