The Proof of Order

The reality of order is one of the greatest proofs of God’s existence. The universe’s order, which is found in everything from a fly’s wing, to the stars of the skies, to an atom, to the depths of the seas, reflects the Creator’s existence like a sun.

Yes, order can only emerge by hand. If many hands interfere in a task, then, it becomes muddled. A country cannot have two kings, a province cannot have two governors, and a village cannot have two chiefs. If there are two heads, then there will be disorder. Since this universe has order instead of chaos, God who established this order must be in existence and must be sole. This exquisite order, which is in sight, cannot be explained by anything other than God’s existence.

The Holy Quran brings attention to this reality with this verse:

He Who created the seven heavens one above another; no want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of (God) Most Gracious. so turn thy vision again: Seest thou any flaw? Again turn thy vision a second time; (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out. (Surah al-Mulk, verses 3-4)

Books with loads of volumes can be and have been written on the universe’s order. A book can be written even on the orderliness of a fly’s body. We will only examine the smallest building block of material, the atom, and refer the balance found in the universe and its articles to science books.

Everything from the air, water, mountains, animals, plants, and our bodies, to the sofa that you are sitting on, in summary, everything that you see, from the smallest to the largest, everything that you touch and feel is comprised of and appears through atoms. Atoms are so small that it is not possible to see these tiny particles even through the most powerful microscopes.

Let us try to demonstrate the smallness of atoms through an example: Picture having a key in your hand. Surely, it is impossible for you to see the atoms in this key. Let us assume that you maximized the key to Earth’s dimensions so that you could see these atoms. If the key was maximized to Earth’s dimensions, only then could you see that every atom in that key was the size of a cherry.

Every atom comprises a nucleus, and every nucleus has been formed from the revolving electrons of planets that are far, far away. The nucleus’ radius is about 1/1000 of an atom’s radius. Remember when we brought the key to Earth’s dimensions? Well, now let us remove the nuclei from the atoms that are the size of cherries. However, this search is futile because even on this type of scale, we do not have the opportunity to observe a nucleus that is so small. For us to be able to see the nucleus, the cherry that represents our atom would have to grow into a ball that is 200 meters tall. Despite this inconceivable dimension, our atom’s nucleus would not amount to anything larger than a very small dust particle.

Now, if you wish, let us picture the order of this tiny structure:

Due to their electric charges, the electrons in the atom continuously spin around the nucleus. All electrons are negatively charged whereas all protons are positively charged (+). The positive charge within the atom’s nucleus pulls the electrons towards it and for that reason, the electrons are unable to separate from around its surroundings.

The number of protons in the center of an atom is equal to the number of electrons on the outside. Thus, the atom’s electrical charge is balanced. However, the proton’s volume and mass are more than those of an electron. If a comparison has to be made, it is like the difference in size between a human and a hazelnut. Nevertheless, their electric charges are the same amount. What would happen if their electric charges were not equal?

In that case, every atom in the universe, by means of their protons’ superfluous positive electricity, would possess positive charges. As a result, every atom in the universe would push one another. What would be experienced if all atoms in the universe shoved one another?

Everything would be out of the ordinary and once the atoms underwent these peculiar changes, your hands and arms would be tattered into pieces instantly. Your hands and arms would not be the only ones tattered; in addition, your skeleton, your legs, your head, your eyes, your teeth, and in summary, every part of your body would go up in smoke. The room that you are in now and the window that shows the outside world would disperse into air. All seas on the Earth, the mountains, all planets in the solar system, and all celestial bodies in the universe would break into infinite pieces and disappear. A visible celestial body would never exist in the universe again.

Furthermore, the odds for life forms to experience a situation like this are 1 out of 100 billion whereas the universe’s disappearance comes with a 1 out of a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance.  The existence of both the universe and its life forms is possible due to this kind of delicate order that is intact.

What we have explained till now were only a few details on the flawless order of one atom. Essentially, the atom can have volumes of books written about it since it possesses an order and structure that are extensive.

Now, from the orderly motions of the stars, to the orderly anatomies of creatures, to the orderly creation of organs, to the orderly alignment of teeth, think of the order of the universe and the order of everything within it. Then provide an answer to this question:

How is it that a person has to accept the reality that a driver is present in a car moving in an orderly fashion on a straight road, yet attributes the order of the universe to coincidences and causes?

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