The Proof of the Bestowal of a Soul

Like the bestowal of life, the bestowal of a soul is a reality that proves God’s existence. Nevertheless, the existence of a soul cannot be explained by any other cause except God.  It is not possible to reject God after one accepts the soul’s reality. However, there is no material answer to the question, “How did the soul enter the body?” and since the existence of a soul cannot be explained by any other explanation, atheists have dared to reject its existence. If the existence of a soul is acknowledged, then atheists will also be obliged to accept God. In this manner, we deem that it is appropriate to assert the proofs of the soul’s existence. In order to ask the question, “Who created this soul?” to a non-believer, we must first prove that the soul exists.

In that case, we will first prove the soul’s existence and we can ask our question later:

1. Concepts such as love, fellowship, and family are in existence because of the soul’s existence. As it is well known, once every six months, the entire cells of a person change and he/she virtually becomes a brand new person.  Now let us imagine a murderer appearing in front of the judge in a courtroom. Let us say the judge decides to punish the murderer with a 20-year prison term and the murderer turns to the judge and says “You cannot punish me because I was not the one who committed the murder. I became a new person because my cells changed. My current flesh is pure”. What could the judge say in counter-response? Nothing, because the judge is no longer his old self, either! In addition, think of concepts like family and fellowship. Let us first prove the existence of my mother’s soul, and then we will ask our question: The moment she brought me into this world, nothing from her body remained since it had completely changed. Six months after my birth, my mother passed away with her material body. If the existence of a soul is not accepted, then how can one escape from such a deadlock?

2. If a person were to come to this world with no eyes, nose, hands, and other limbs, they might not comprehend such concepts such as length, greatness, proximity, and smallness; however, they would not doubt their existence.  Nevertheless, the eyes, nose, and limbs like the hands are necessary to understand the external world, and without them a person will not be able to understand such a thing. However, in this situation, the one who knows its own identity is the soul.

3. When a person accomplishes a task, he says “I did this”. By saying such a thing, a person does not attribute the credit to their limbs/organs. Similarly, when one says “I did this”, it does not imply meanings such as “my hand wrote this”, “my foot ran”, and “my ear heard”. In that case,  what is the “I” in the phrase, “I did this”? When a person says “I” it signifies an-nafs an-natiq, or in other words, the soul.

4. There is no free-will and the ability to make choices in the nature of material. However, a person has unlimited voluntary functions. If a person was only a material being, then a person would have to lack free-will since materials do not have the ability to make decisions. In that case, since materials cannot act according to their own will, then a soul must be present within the human being. A person’s free-will is open proof of the soul’s existence.

5. There is no free-will in the nature of a material; similarly, qualities such as hearing, seeing, tasting, and feeling are absent. If a human was a soulless material being, then the mentioned qualities would not be found in the person. In that case, since there is a soul, a human is not only composed of material things. He/she has a soul and those mentioned qualities belong to the soul.

6. If the brain was to expand, it could stimulate the nerve that is in charge of finger activity, and in turn the finger would move. However, it could not cause the buttoning of a shirt because the act of buttoning is complex and cannot simply occur by agitating a nerve. In that case, if it is not the brain that causes a finger to button, then what else could it be? It is the soul, of course!

7. Physical contact is necessary for the movement of materials. Without physical contact, it is impossible for a material to move. A person watching television will laugh, cry, worry, get excited, etc. In that case, is it the material that laughs and cries? Of course not, because a kind of physical contact did not occur. In that case, to what do these attributes belong? To the soul, of course!

8. We weighed a person before and after their death. Their weight prior to death was 70 kg and after they died their weight was still the same. How could they have gone from laughing, running, and talking to a lifeless condition? What was it that came out of this person?  Of course, it was their soul that left because the experiment proved that there was no loss from the material body.

9. Everyone’s brain works in the same way but despite this, everyone has different ideas. What is the reason for these differences in ideas? The answer is that everyone has a different soul. If thinking was only a function of the brain, then everybody would be thinking the same way. The qualities of a material are stable and do not change. It shows that the differences in ideas are proof of the soul’s existence.

10. Telepathy, which is accepted even by material science, cannot be explained by anything other than the existence of the soul. How can materialism explain the engagement of two people who are kilometers away from one another and do not have someone in between to convey their messages? It shows that telepathy is further proof that the soul exists.

11. Telekinesis occurs without any physical contact and involves moving an object with a thought and can only be explained by the existence of the soul.

12. Dreams are also proof of the soul’s existence. Many times, the dreams we see are reflected in reality the day we see them or within the next few days. This is a knowledge that is acquired by the soul’s access to the realm of secrets. If we reject the soul, then how will we be able to explain this occurrence? It means that dreams, especially true dreams are proof of the soul’s existence.

13. Now use your imagination to picture the accumulation of all the flesh in your body in one place. Now bring your bones, hairs, eyes, nails, and other organs to the same meeting place as the flesh. Where are your emotions? Where are compassion, affection, love, anger, spite, and hundreds of other such emotions? If these were the products of our material body, then we would have been able to visually separate them to one side and picture their shapes as well. It means that emotions are products of the soul, not the body. In that case, every emotion that is found in the human beings is proof of the soul’s existence.

Qualities such as generosity, kindness, courage, and knowledge are all different among people. While it is like an ocean for one, it is like a drop for another. If these were the qualities of the materials, then every person would have had them at the same degree because material is characterized as being stable and it does not change. In that case, they are not the qualities of materials and can only be the qualities of the soul. All qualities that are found in different degrees amongst people are proofs of the soul’s existence.

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