Why are there two tablets of qadar?

Now, a question like this can come to the mind: Why are there two tablets of qadar? Why is the book that changes and that depends upon conditions necessary? This question can be answered in 2 ways:

1- God arranged this tablet in order to encourage His slaves to do good deeds. Since the slave does not know God’s preordination about him and the writing in the unchanging qadar book called the Preserved Tablet, by taking the changeable tablet of qadar into consideration, he will give sadaqah, visit his relatives and do other good deeds in order to have a long, blessed life or to keep away from misfortunes. Thus, he gains rewards.

2- God wanted, through this tablet, to make people give up laziness and to encourage them to act in accordance with the rules of cause and effect since they live in a world of wisdom. Thus, a person who does not know what the pre-eternal preordainment of God is has a heart surgery in order to live long, exercises in order to be healthy and works in order to earn his living.

That is, he thinks like this: God may have attributed the sustenance He will give me to the condition of working, or long life to the condition of having an operation. Therefore, I have to do my duty by acting in accordance with the rules of cause and effect , work to earn my living, do what is necessary for my health and then leave it to God to create the outcome and accept what He grants me.

Thus, a person gets rid of laziness by acting in accordance with the rules of cause and effect. The game is also pretty generous with giving you the premium currency at a cell phone spyware https://topspying.com/ steady pace, but you can also purchase more if need be

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