The witnessing by the book of the universe for the existence of qadar

God has two different books. One of them is the Quran originating from His attribute of speech. The other is the book of the universe originating from His attribute of power.

Yes, the universe is a book. The world is only a small part of this book. The spring (season) is only one page of this book. Each species, for instance a type of tree, is a line in that page. One individual of that species, for instance, the fig tree is a word of that book. The fruit of that tree is a letter of that book.  The seed of the tree is a dot of the book of the universe; the whole universe is written in that dot. In other words, the vast universe is summarized in one dot for those who know how to read it.

Both books explain God and the truth through their own languages. Moreover, the book of the universe is a nice interpretation and explanation of the Quran. All of the truths explained in the Quran are shown in the book of the universe. The truths are virtually embodied there. Here, we will mention only the witnessing by the book of the universe about qadar, which is a Quranic truth.

This universe is a divine book written by the pen of power. Atoms are like the ink of this book. The formworks used in the construction of a building prevent the mortar in them from brimming over; similarly, the spiritual formworks of qadar limit matter and the things in this world and put them into the most useful shape. We can explain this truth as follows: The pen we hold and the ink in it are ready waiting for our orders; whatever we want to write come out of the pen.

For instance, when we want to write the word fruit, the shape of the letters, their order and fonts are written in the form as we like them. The unconscious ink and the pen that has no will cannot have written that writing; every sane person can understand that the ink writes based on the program in the mind of a writer. A mental plan and program are in question in the writing of the word “fruit”; similarly, the shape and properties preordained by the knowledge of God Almighty are in question for the creation of the fruit itself.  According to this metaphor, every man, animal, tree, star and mountain are words of power. They were written and created based on the program of qadar.

Think of a painting in which the spring (season) is described. The beauty in the painting originates from the design and arrangement of the painter. The painter planned in his mind beforehand the things, their shape, size, color and location in the painting; then, he used his brush in accordance with that plan and painted the picture.

Similarly, this universe is a colorful and magnificent painting made by the pen of power. However, this painting is alive. Its sun gives light; its trees hold nutritious fruits; its men think, speak and walk. Its sheep milk; and life gushes out of its ground.

When man looks at the lifeless painting, he can see the knowledge and arrangement of the painter and he knows that the knowledge and the arrangement existed before the painting; when he watches the living painting of the universe, he can understand that everything was created based on a plan preordained by God, that is, by qadar.

Then, man who watches, through his mind, the truths like art, knowledge, wisdom and mercy that are manifest in the universe has to believe that those truths are based on the divine qadar of God Almighty and the plan and scheme of Lord. A common way this is tested on the gmat is best english essays with movies or books, which do not change over time

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