Introduction – Belief in Destiny (Qadar)

What is destiny (Qadar)?

What is partial free will?

Is man doomed to his destiny?

Can destiny be changed?

Is marriage a destiny?

Why do we call the man as a murderer while God creates murder?

Would the murdered have died anyway if the murderer had not killed?

Why are we born if everything is written in destiny?

What is the status of a person who is born in a non-Muslim country and never hears about Islam?

What is the meaning of “timelessness”?

“The knowledge is dependent on the known.”

What is the meaning of “goodness comes from God and badness comes from the servants of God”.

Here, you will find all answers to questions about destiny. The worst disaster of the 21th.century is unbelief and not giving the necessary importance to belief (Islam). However, belief comes first and the deed follows the belief because it may be possible for the people who believe in Islam to enter heaven without doing good deeds thanks to the benefaction of God. Entering heaven without good deed is possible but without belief, nobody can enter heaven. Belief is the absolute key to heaven. A sin can be forgiven by God but a small error in belief is not forgiven by God and this situation causes the disappearance of all good deeds. Therefore, we must understand belief very well and we must also know the essentials of the faith with their evidence. Belief in destiny is an issue that some people cannot understand.

Some questions can come to the mind of almost all people.

Can destiny be changed?

What is my fault if God wrote sins to my destiny?

Is marriage destiny?

While in the destiny of murdered, death is written why murderer becomes criminal?

Would the murdered have lived if the murderer had not killed?

Since our place (heaven or hell) in the future life is written in our destiny, why are we tested in our life?

Can I change my destiny?

These questions and many similar ones can come to the mind. The most important cause underlying the incomprehension of destiny is the lack of the knowledge about God because destiny is related to the knowledge of God and timelessness of God. If we ask a person who does not know this issue well: “Is God timeless?” This person answers as “yes” and when we ask “what is the meaning of being timeless?”, the person can answer this question by saying: “Being timeless means God has no beginning.”  This answer is certainly incomplete.  The lack in this answer leads to misunderstanding. In other words, this issue is not understood by some people because these people do not know the meaning of being timeless. Here, the fault belongs to the person who does not know God well and who even does not try to know God. This person suffers from the pains caused by the questions which he or she cannot answer. Moreover, sometimes, as a result of disinterest in God, this person can lose belief and the benefaction of Islam.

We know that some minds are confused and some hearts are wounded about this issue; so, our target is gaining the consent of God by explaining the issue of destiny to these people. In this work, you will find answers to all questions about the issue of destiny. We will answer all questions about destiny with the certainty of “two times two equals four” without confusion and without doubt.

Help and grace is from God.

The process has begun and some states are being turned on now, so please be patient as we reach your city and state

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