Does qadar change?

It is a question that many people  have difficulty in answering.

When a person says, “qadar changes”, since qadar is a title of the knowledge of God, the change of qadar will mean an increase or decrease in the knowledge of God, which is not possible.

For instance, God knows that a person will die; He ordained it to be so; if that person does not die, that is, if his qadar changes, it will be regarded as if there was a change in the knowledge of God; something that God knows will not take place, something He does not know will take place, which means an increase and decrease in God’s attribute of ilm (knowledge),which is impossible to think about God.

That is, the change of qadar means something that God knows does not take place, that is, is not created and something that he does not know takes place, which is impossible.

Then, we have to believe that qadar does not change and that something that is against the knowledge of God cannot take place. As a matter of fact, we dealt with this issue under the heading “pre-eternity”.

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