Does belief in qadar not make man lazy?

Belief in qadar never makes man lazy because when man knows the nature of God’s attribute of pre-eternity, the rule that ‘knowledge is dependent on the thing known’  and that divine preordination depends on his own efforts and using his partial free will in good things, he will act in accordance with causes. He will fulfill his duty and pray to God with his acts and tongue to create the effect.

Even if he does not know about those scholastic issues, he predicates his acts on the changeable tablet of qadar, “Lawh al-Mahw wal-Ithbat (the Tablet of Erasure and Confirmation). He knows that the occurrence of the things recorded in that tablet depends upon the fulfillment of the conditions; therefore, he tries to fulfill those conditions.

Even if a person is unaware of this changeable tablet of qadar, belief in qadar will not make that person lazy. For people use qadar as a remedy for grief and hopelessness regarding the happenings and misfortunes in the past.

For instance, when they have an accident, when their house gets burnt, when their belongings are stolen, when their houses are demolished due to an earthquake, they console themselves by saying, “It was written in qadar. We could do nothing about it. It was impossible to prevent it.”

They do not use qadar for things in the future. That is, they do not avoid going to school or work by saying,  “There is no need to go to school; whatever is written in my qadar will take place; there is no need to open my shop; it is definite how much I will earn.”

Moreover, belief in qadar encourages man for the future because he says, “what is not written in qadar will not be able to harm me” against the people who are his enemy and the creatures that he cannot cope with.

Therefore, the Prophet (pbuh) said the following in a hadith:

“A person who believes in qadar becomes free of grief.”

That is, belief in qadar never makes a person lazy. We have never seen anybody giving up working because of belief in qadar. On the contrary, belief in qadar consoles man, alleviates the pains of misfortunes and enables him to look to the future with confidence.

In short: Belief in qadar is such an elixir that a person who drinks it becomes free from all pains, fears, worries and griefs. Es ist schlimm, dass seminararbeit einleitung schreiben hier qualifizierte therapien als beschäftigung für eltern dargestellt werden , die ihren kindern keine regeln beibringen

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