All of the evidences that prove the Qur’an is the word of God also prove the existence of angels

All proofs that prove the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also prove the existence of angels; similarly, all proofs that prove the Qur’an is the word of God prove the existence of angels. We reach this judgment through the following steps:

1- The Qur’an is the word of God with all evidences proving that it comes from God.

2- Since it is the word of God, then –God forbid- it does not contain any lies or superstitions. What it contains is right and true.

3- And since it is impossible that it contains any superstitions, everything that it informs is real and true.

4- And since the Qur’an informs about the existence of angles, there are angels definitely and there should be. Is it all possible that something informed by such a book should not exist?

Let us present the following proof about the existence of angels: “Angels exist and they are true because what the Qur’an informs about the past and future have become true.” That is, if we use the news of the Qur’an that becomes true as a proof for the existence of angels, this will be right and true.

1- Since the news of it about the past and future has become true, it must be the word of God because no one can know the unseen other than God.

2- And since it is the word of God by the news that became true, it does not contain any lies or superstitions.

3- And since it does not contain any lie or superstition, what it informs is definitely true and real. There is no other option.

4- And since it informed about the existence of angels, there is no room for any doubt.

In conclusion we can say that all evidences that prove the Qur’an is the word of God also prove that angels do exist because it informs about the past and the future, its miracles, nothing similar to it has been presented up to the present time, its repetition does not bore people and it is memorized by hundreds of thousands of hafizes; no human word has been memorized like that.

1- He who cannot deny that the Qur’an is the word of God cannot deny the existence of angels.

2- He who cannot deny the miracles of the Qur’an cannot deny angels.

3- He who cannot present something similar to the Qur’an cannot deny angels.

4- To sum up: He who cannot refute evidences that prove that the Qur’an is the word of God cannot deny the existence of angels, either.

Now let us listen to the Qur’an and hear its news about angels:

Angels are (but) servants raised to honour. They speak not before He speaks, and they act (in all things) by His command. (Surah al-Anbiya, 26-27)

The Night of Power is better than a thousand Months. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission, on every errand. (Surah al-Qadr, 3-4)

Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and prophets to Gabriel and Michael-Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject faith. (Surah al-Baqara, 98)

Nay thunder repeateth His praises and so do the angels, with awe. (ar-Rad, 13)

And to Allah doth obeisance all that is in the heavens and on earth whether moving (living) creatures or the angels: for none are arrogant (before their Lord). (Surah an-Nahl, 49)

Up to now, we have analyzed the evidences about the existence of angels in the work titled “Belief in Angels”. In the second part of this work, we will answer questions about angels that are asked most frequently.

1- Why were angels created?

Angels are luminous creatures that were created from light. As God created angels from light, He also created them from meaning, air, words and also luminous and pleasant matters such as ether. (ether: is a matter that lets electricity, light and warmth move).

2- Does Hazrat Azrael take away the spirits of every person by himself, or does he have anyone who helps him? How did the incident of Hz. Moses slapping in the face of death angel during his death took place?

There are three different views on this issue.

The First View: Hz. Azrael (A.S) takes away the spirits of people by himself. One task does not interfere with another because he is luminous. A luminous thing can be present and appear in various mirrors and places. The reflection of a luminous thing has all qualities of that luminous person. It is considered the same. For example, though the sun is single, it is seen on endless bubbles of seas, drops of rain, stars of skies and on every transparent matter. Being visible in some place is not an obstacle for its reflection in another place. It shows its warmth, color and other qualities everywhere. That is, every transparent particle contains a real sun in it.

Besides, the reflection of the sun is based on the reflection of the mirror. If the mirror is red, then it is seen red, if it is yellow, it is seen yellow or if it is green, it is seen green. As the sun is semi-luminous and a lifeless thing and can be present on any matter at the same time with all of its qualities, one must accept that a real luminous angel like Hazrat Azrael that was created from light but not a material thing can be present in thousands of places with all of his qualities. Let alone an angel, saints who become successful in detaching themselves from the matter of the world and connected in spirituality are seen in many places at the same time. The sound news about the saint who is called Somuncu Baba comes out from the seven doors of the mosque that he goes at the same time and visits seven different persons at the same time has reached us. And again, it is known that great saints can be present both in Hajj (pilgrimage) and the mosque and in many other places at the same time and these events are so many that they cannot be denied. So, every individual becomes a kind of mirror of the manifestation of Hazrat Azrael (A.S). Just as the sun is seen in different mirrors in different ways, Hz. Azrael appears different for every individual. Its dreaded appearance to the sinners and good persons is not the same. Every person becomes a kind of mirror of Azrael’s different appearances according to his/her way of life.

Gabriel (A.S) was once seen in the presence of the prophet in the form of a companion called Dihya, at the same time He prostrated in front of the Arsh al-Azam (the Greatest Throne) from west to the east with His great wings and became manifest in thousands of places based on the capacity of those places. Just like this, while Hz. Azrael is a single being but reflects on many places and is luminous, he can be present in thousands of places at the same time and his taking a spirit is not an obstacle for taking another spirit. He appears different for every person. A mirror is seen dark if it is dark and it is seen white if it is white.

So, according to those who accept this view of his taking away of the spirits, Hz. Moses did not slap in the face of Hz. Azrael’s real person but slapped the reflection of Azrael that is seen on his own personal mirror. The reason of his slapping is not to insult Hz. Azrael but slapping an angel who wants to stop his service of prophethood and demanding the continuation of it. So, this slapping is because of his love of God and his eager wish of service for the religion of God and worshipping of Him.

The Second View: Angels such as Hz. Gabriel, Michael and Azrael are a kind of commanders and they have helpers. And those helpers are different based on the types of their creation. The angel who takes away the spirits of good people and the learners of science is different. And the angel who takes away the spirits of sinners is different. And so on… According to this view; Hz. Moses did not slap in the face of Hz. Azrael (A.S), but slapped in the face of one of his helpers for this reason.

The Third View: As we have mentioned before, “there are some angels who have forty thousand heads, and in each head are forty thousand tongues and with each tongue they utter forty thousand Divine glorifications.”

According to those who hold this third view, Hz. Azrael is a grand angel. He has a different kind of face for every person and a peculiar looking for them. So according to those who hold this view there are faces of Azrael for every person. So; Hz. Moses did not slap in the face of Hz. Azrael’s actual essence and person but slapped in the face that reflects on him and put his eye out. God knows the best.

3-      What are the duties of Angels?

Angels are responsible for all kinds of tasks either material or spiritual. Every created being has an appointed peculiar angel. There is an angel that observes everything from the movement of electrons around the nucleus to the falling of rain drops from the fall of meteors to the movements of planets. Every angel acclaims the divine works that they observe and represent the glorification of that creature in the inner world. They get spiritual pleasure while they are performing these tasks and they perform them caressively without rebelling.

Angels have different duties according to their types. We can arrange the duties of angels in the light of the verse of the Qur’an and some glorious hadiths as follows:

1. Exonerating God from any wrong and deficient thought, Glorifying Him during day and night, and praising Him and exalting Him in a way that is worthy of Him.

2. Sending revelations to the prophets of God.

3. Glorifying prophets and praying for the goodness of all people on earth.

4. Supporting prophets and believers with a spiritual power, and relieving them during trouble and sad moments and giving trouble to the unbelievers.

5. Serving man as protectors of them.

6. Recording the deeds of man.

7. Serving as a means for divine works that are being run in the universe.

8. Working for the creation and death of man.

9. Working as servants that execute divine punishments.

4- How many groups are angels divided into? What are their duties?

Only Allah knows the number of angels. There is no clear information about the number of angels in the Qur’an and hadiths. However, it is possible for us to say that they are far more than we can count based upon hadiths. Moreover, according to the news given by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH); an angel comes to the earth with a drop of rain and its turn does not come again. We can range the famous angels and their duties as follows;

Gabriel (PBUH): The Archangel

Gabriel (A.S) is one of the four greatest angels. He is appointed to conveyrevelations to the prophets by God. In three places of the Qur’an, His name is Jibril. Besides, He is mentioned in verses as the spirit, rasulun karim, ruh al-Amin and ruh al-qudus”. In addition to these, in one of the hadiths, he is called “an-namus”.

The Angel of Soor (The Trumpet): Hz. Israfel (PBUH) 

The angel that will blow the trumpet is called Israfel. His name is mentioned among the four great angels in the hadiths. Israfel will blow two times, in the first one, the Doomsday will occur and in the second blowing, the resurrection will occur. Because of this duty of him, He is called the angel of Soor (the Trumpet). When the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked about the nature of the trumpet, he answered: “A horn that is blown” (Ahmad b. Hanbal, II, 196).

The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that “Israfel is awaiting the order of blowing while He grasps the trumpet”. (Tabari Jami-ul Bayan, VII, 211; Ibn Kathir, Tafsiru’l-Qur’an-il Azim, Egypt, n.d. II, 276)

The Angel of Death: Hz. Azrael 

His duty is to grasp the souls of people whose death times have come. He is called as “Malak-ul Mawt”, that is, the angel of death.

Say: “The Angel of Death, put in charge of you, will (duly) take your souls: then shall ye be brought back to your Lord.” (Surah as-Sajda) 

The Angel that controls the events in this realm: Hz. Mikail (Michael)

He is one of the greatest angels of four and He is responsible for the pouring of rain, the blowing of the wind, natural events such as the ordering of seasons and the management of supplications of the created beings. He is only mentioned in one place of the Qur’an. Hz. Mikail is the angel that manages the divine work of arts that are planted on the field of earth with the power of God and His order.

The angels of Kiraman Katibin

It is the names of the angels who are attendant on the right and left of humans. The angel on the right is responsible for recording the good deeds and manners; the angel on the left is responsible for recording the bad deeds and manners. “The angels who are also called Hafaza will attend as witnesses of the deeds of humans in the Day of Judgment during reckoning. 

The Angels of Muqarrabun

The angels who are known as Illiyyun and Karubbiyyun are responsible for glorifying God, are very close to Him and have an exalted place before God.

Hamala al- Arsh (Carriers of the Throne)

It is the name of angels who are carrying the throne. They are mentioned in the Qur’an as follows: “Those who sustain the Throne (of Allah) and those around it sing Glory and Praise to their Lord.” (Surah Ghafir,7) 

Munkar – Nakir Angels:

They are the angels that question man after he dies in the grave. The words of “Munkar” and “Nakir” means unknown, unrecognized and unaccustomed. They are called by this way because they come to the dead in a way that he/she has not seen before. These two angels question the dead by questions as follows and treat them according to the answers that they receive: Who is your lord? Who is your prophet? What is your book?

There are more angels than mentioned here. In hadiths, there are angels who inspires man the right and truth, descend on the earth when the Qur’an is recited, who are spiritual herders of animals on earth, who manage clouds, make the sound of thunder and so on… 

Do Angels have a real influence on their duties? 

No cause or agent, including angels, has a real influence. Power and strength belong only to God. And it is the endless strength of God that does all works. Angels and other causes are only servants in charge of declaring and spreading the real power which is coming from that strength. So, angels and causes are like the clerks of a government that convey the orders coming from the higher authority.

The reason why angels and other causes are a means of the Works of God is the fact that the dignity and power of God requires veiling. A great commander does not examine the wards, a governor does not fine in a market like a policeman, or a chief constable does not stop cars like a traffic police. These works are not suitable for their position and dignity so they perform these works through means. Similarly, the dignity and greatness of God requires performing tasks through means. The only difference is that the agents of God are not administrators and they have no influence or strength. The duty of those angels is the declaration of that strength. So, angels and other causes are a kind of means which were invented for showing the strength and the glory of His divinity. Another wisdom of the creation of angels and causes is because those who are ignorant and careless cannot see the wisdom and beauties in events, they complain of God. In order to divert these complaints, angels and causes are set between them. We can understand this mystery with the following example: Hz. Azrael said to God Almighty:

– Your servants will be vexed at me and complain about me when I carry out my duty of seizing the spirits of the dying.

God Almighty answered Him with wisdom:

– “I shall make illnesses and calamities a veil to your duties, so my servants’ complaints will be directed at them and not at you.”

Yes, illnesses and calamities are a kind of curtain to Hz. Azrael and a resort to the complaints for awfulness that are thought to be coming from death. Similarly, Hz. Azrael is also a veil to the strength of God Almighty and so appointed with that duty in order to divert those complaints towards him and be a resort to some events that are seemingly unmerciful and not appropriate to God’s mercy in the event of seizing the spirits. Yes, dignity and grandeur require that causes are curtain-holders to the Hand of Power in the mind’s view, while Divine Unity and Glory demand that causes draw back their hands from the true effect.

5-   Are angels capable of appearing in any form and shape as they wish?

Angels are beings that can appear in various forms with the permission of God. They were seen both in their actual forms and other forms by the prophets. For example according to the verse of Surah Mary; Hz. Gabriel was seen in the form of a human to Hz. Mary and Hz. Mary thought he was a human being. Similarly, angels that went to Hz. Ibrahim with the good news of a baby boy, was seen in the form of human beings and Hz. Ibrahim even cooked for them thinking that they were humans. Also, angels that went to the prophet Lot were seen in the form of human beings and the people of Lot (A.S) tried to seduce these angels. Besides, Hz. Gabriel was seen in the form of a human to the companions which is explained in the riwayah that informs the explanation of notions of belief, Islam and bounty which is known as the hadith of Gabriel. So, angels can appear in other forms with the permission of God. They can appear in different forms.

6-   A Worldly Fruit of Belief in Angels 

We are going to quote from the work of Badiuzzaman entitled “The Rays” in order to understand the worldly fruit of Belief in Angels:

One day while reciting in a supplication: “O My Sustainer! In veneration of Gabriel, Michael, Israfil, and Azra’il, and through their intercession, preserve me from the evil of men and jinn,” I experienced an exceedingly pleasant and consoling state of mind on mentioning the name of Azra’il, which generally makes people tremble in fear. “All praise be to God!” I exclaimed, and began to feel earnest love for him. I shall point out extremely briefly only one particular fruit of the many of this particular aspect of the pillar of belief in the angels.

Another: Everyone’s most precious possession and the one over which they most tremble, is their spirit. I felt sure that to surrender it to a strong and trustworthy hand thereby preserving it from being lost and annihilated and from aimlessness, afforded a profound joy. Then the angels who record men’s actions came to mind; I saw that they yielded numerous sweet fruits like the previous one.

Another: Everyone tries earnestly to preserve through writing, poetry, or even the cinema, a worthwhile saying or deed, in order to immortalize it. Particularly if the deeds produce everlasting fruits in Paradise, they are even more anxious to preserve them. The recording angels hovering over men’s shoulders so that they may show their deeds in eternal vistas and continually gain their owners reward, seemed so agreeable to me, I cannot describe it.

Then, when ‘the worldly’ had isolated me from everything to do with social life and kept me from all my books, friends, assistants, and the things that console me, and I was being crushed by the desolation of exile and my empty world was tumbling down all around me, one of the many fruits of belief in the angels came to my assistance. It cheered up the universe and my world, filling it with angels and spirit beings, and making my world laugh for joy. It showed too that the worlds of the people of misguidance weep in desolation, emptiness, and darkness. While enjoying the pleasures of this fruit, my imagination plucked one of the numerous fruits of belief in the prophets, which resembles it, and tasted it. Then suddenly my belief that all the prophets of the past were as though living, and my assent to them, lit up those times and made my belief universal and expanded it, and set thousands of signatures to their teachings concerning belief in the Prophet of the End of Time (PBUH), silencing the Satans.

Then, a question occurred to me the decisive answer to which is included in the Thirteenth Flash, about the wisdom in seeking refuge with God from Satan. In meaning it asked me: “The people of guidance are assisted and strengthened by innumerable sweet fruits and benefits like these, the fine results of good deeds, and the Most Merciful of the Merciful’s compassionate succor and assistance, so why are they frequently defeated by the people of misguidance, and sometimes twenty or a hundred of them are routed?” While pondering over this, I recalled the mobilizations and angels in the Qur’an in the face of Satan’s feeble machinations, and Almighty God’s sending assistance to the people of belief. Since the Risale-i Nur has explained the purpose and wisdom of this with decisive proofs, we shall here allude to it only briefly.

Yes, sometimes in the face of a single vandal trying to set fire to a palace which a hundred men have made, the palace can remain standing only through a hundred men protecting it and by having recourse to the government and the king. For its existence is possible only through the existence of all its conditions and causes, but its non-existence and destruction may occur through the non-existence of a single condition. Just as the palace may be burnt to the ground by a layabout with a single match, so with some small actions, satans from among jinn and men cause vast destruction and terrible non-physical conflagrations. Yes, the basis and origin of all bad, evils and sins is non-existence, it is destruction. The non-existence and destruction are concealed beneath apparent existence. Thus, relying on this point, satans from among jinn and men and evil beings withstand an infinite force with an extremely weak force, driving the people of truth and reality to continually seek refuge at the Divine Court, and to flee to it. The Qur’an therefore mobilizes great forces for their protection. It gives for their use ninety-nine Divine Names, and commands them sternly to withstand those enemies.

From this answer became apparent the tip of a vast truth and basis of an awesome matter. It was like this: just as Paradise bears the crops of all the worlds of existence and produces the eternal shoots of the seeds grown in this world; so in order to display the grievous consequences of the innumerable terrible worlds of non-existence and nothingness, Hell scorches up the products of that non-existence, and among its other functions, that terrible factory cleanses the universe of existence of the filth of the world of non-existence. For now we shall not open the door of this awesome matter; God willing, it shall be elucidated later.

Another particular example of the fruit of belief in the angels concerns the questioning angels, Munkar and Nakir; it is this: in my imagination I entered my grave, telling myself: “I am bound to enter here, the same as everyone else.” While taking fright at the bleakness and despair of the lonely, dark, cold, narrow solitary confinement of the grave, two blessed friends resembling Munkar and Nakir appeared. They began to debate with me. My heart and grave were broadened, illumined, and warmed; windows were opened up onto the world of spirits. I felt truly happy at that situation which I saw in the imagination then, and will see in reality in the future, and I offered thanks.

A madrasa student who was studying Arabic grammar died and in replying to Munkar and Nakir’s question of “Who is your Sustainer?”, thought he was in his own madrasa and said: “‘Who’ is the subject, ‘your Sustainer’ is its predicate; ask me something difficult; that’s easy.” It made both the angels, and the spirits who were present, and a diviner of graves who witnessed the incident, laugh, and brought a smile to Divine mercy. Being delivered from torment, the late Hafiz Ali, a martyr hero of the Risale-i Nur, died in prison while writing out and enthusiastically studying the treatise of The Fruits of Belief. Just as he replied in the grave to the questioning angels with the truths of The Fruits of Belief -as he had in court here-, so I and the Risale-i Nur students shall reply to those questions with the brilliant and powerful proofs of the Risale-i Nur, in the future in fact and now in meaning, and will cause the angels to confirm them and appreciate them and congratulate them; God willing.

Another small example of belief in the angels leading to worldly happiness is this: an innocent child who had learnt his lesson from the Ilm-i Hal, said to another child who was wailing at the death of his little brother: “Don’t cry, be thankful, because your brother has gone to heaven and is with the angels. He is enjoying himself there and having a better time than us. He is flying around like the angels, and taking a look at everything.” He turned his friend’s woeful tears into happy smiles.

Exactly like that weeping child, in the grim situation of this sorrowful winter I received news of two deaths. One was my nephew, the late Fuad, who had both come first in advanced schools, and had published the truths of the Risale-i Nur. The second was my late sister, called Hanim, a scholar who went on the Hajj and died while circumambulating the Ka‘ba. These deaths of two relatives made me weep, like that of the late Abdurrahman, which is described in the Treatise For The Elderly. Then, through the light of belief I saw in my heart that the innocent Fuad and righteous Hanim had as companions angels and houris in place of humans and had been saved from the perils and sins of this world. Feeling overwhelming joy instead of that searing sorrow, I congratulated both them, and Fuad’s father, Abdülmecid, and myself, and I offered thanks to the Most Merciful of the Merciful. This has been included here as a prayer for mercy for the two departed. To determine exactly how much the interview matters in quantifiable terms, simply look at the numbers

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